It Was Always You – Written October 2009 (Aged 34)

It Was Always You

she accused me of, ‘chasing skirt’
that does not come without some truth
the idea being –
that we are not together –
because of these people i was seeing
well, it is simply not true
i had my very being there
and ready to share
all i wanted was you, it was always you
all i wanted was her
but she blew hot and then cold
and i went from twenty two to thirty four
and somehow feeling old

i can do more,
people have suffered
relationships have been stifled
and good people have been pushed aside
or left in stormy seas
and this pain i can no longer abide
all because she cannot commit to me
but she has never truly let go
and she has never wanted me to be free
i, ‘chased skirt’, out of hope
a hope that i would love someone else
like i love her,
and that this love for her would escape
or stay upon some remote high up shelf
truth is, i always wanted her and nobody else

James Garratt – October 2009

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