Steal the Sunshine – Written October 2009 (Aged 34)

Steal the Sunshine

you look odd –
kind of gawky and ill fitting
fair to say –
no portrait in one sitting
your put downs –
only show poor ad-libbing
how could such innocence
grow to cause such harm
rising through the ranks to become –
munchausen’s second in command
you do not look right
not that i am all knowing –
when it comes to what is normal
but your social awkwardness
uncompassionate ways
somehow steal the sunshine –
of our day and it is fair to say
your wicked lies leave us to bray
sitting there –
all awkward with a funny way to stand
body language both closed and open
you look and i am forced to ask –
who is not really coping?

James Garratt – October 2009

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