At First – Written Wednesday 18th January 2012 (Aged 36)

At First

at first,
i did not believe it was true
it was immense
i mean, would you?
would you be able –
to carefully take in information –
which changes everything
part of me knew
but another, a more desperate part
thought, she will pull through
but she did not
and we cling to our past
in case it is somehow forgot
at first,
i did not think –
i heard the doctor correctly
as if the information i had heard –
had failed its medley
and i felt it was just talk –
about doom and gloom
when her sinking ship was kept afloat –
by talk of her coming home soon
but home changed its definition
as the situation span out of our control

James Garratt – Wednesday 18th January 2012

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