Tonight You Are So Far Away – Written June 1997 (Aged 22)

Tonight You Are So Far Away

tonight you are crying
i am happy and i am free
but i might as well be dying
because i feel so guilty
how can you care for someone
and then break their heart
make them a paper plane
and then tear it apart
tonight you are lonely
you haven’t been seen for days
you have been crying
and you’re hiding yourself away
i feel so guilty
i’ve caused you so much pain
but it’s for the best
we shouldn’t carry on
no one should carry on
if it is not give and take
and if it is not forty, sixty
then surely it is fake
and if we are not equal
then there is only option left
and that option is the most cruel
i know you’re going through hell
i have been there myself
far too many times
even when i have been somebody else
what can i say and do
i care so deep,
but i am not in love with you

James Garratt – June 1997

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