Smelling of Roses – Written Thursday 19th October 2021 (Aged 46)

Smelling of Roses

other people have enjoyed periods –
of being right or correct
they have enjoyed –
the full value of their opinions
never having to say that they are wrong
for some people –
that is how it has carried on
but i will always be in the wrong
that is my steady state
i have never had those prolonged periods –
of being right or correct
people like me –
are always expected to confess
we do not have a value –
slunk around our opinions
we are not the greengrocers
that happily know their onions
i live in a world –
of test tracks and proving grounds –
where apologies –
hang in abundance from my face
and i stumble, holding the egg and spoon
when it comes to the human race
other people are right, others know best
and me, me i always know less
i am always wrong –
as they duck and dive smelling of roses –
and that is how they carry on
because me, me i am always wrong

James Garratt – Thursday 19th October 2021

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