What Are You Going To Do? – Written Thursday 3rd July 1997 (Aged 22)

What Are You Going To Do?

someone takes your love life
and they put on such a sweet look
someone has a solid feel
and ever changing life can seem almost real
but please, do not buy the book
someone takes a chance on you
but you feel down and you lack respect
so what are you going to do?
in the real world you can fill a void
but it is harder to avoid the blackhole
that awaits to gulp and swallow us whole
someone puts on your coat
and they get up to leave,
are they sorely missed?
because they’ve been wearing you hard
does it feel protective?
is it how you want to live?
if only i knew what i should give
and when you want to be someone else
but all you have is yourself
a stealer that heals cannot be a thief
someone takes your hands
but you need two, they put on a good look
what are you going to do?

James Garratt – Thursday 3rd July 1997

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