Only Just Begun – Written Tuesday 19th October 2021 (Aged 46)

Only Just Begun

trying your best..
what does that mean?
my best is painted like, ‘the scream’
i give it my best
in between the wavebands –
of variable wellbeing

trying your best…
i search for what that really means
i am not a complete cynic
but answers rarely have a complete sheen
i have often asked,
where have you been
find a fallout shelter in my being

trying your best…
when every caregiver –
every tourist and settler in your life –
gives you a set of different expectations
yes i am,
well my hope comes in old tin cans
and my dreams,
have the sound of hopeful pots and pans

trying your best…
what a burden it is
trying to be everything for everyone
they can poison the supply
when you are so very young
let me be in love and in a semi steady state
perhaps my best, well it has only just begun

James Garratt – Tuesday 19th October 2021

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