His and Hers – Written Sunday 10th October 1999 (Aged 24)

His and Hers

his and hers lives
his and hers battleground
his and hers dishes
his and hers dressing gowns
neatly wrapped clothes
they have been folded
and neatly placed on the bed
a freshly cleaned car
on a sunday afternoon
his and hers watches
but the time together is strange
and soon vanishes
his and hers matching worlds
his and hers feelings
and matching frowns
his and hers greeting cards
a hared private joke
and a solitary laugh
and as time goes on
it soon starts to pass
his and hers dreams
this is his and hers
his and hers feelings
dying to be shared

James Garratt – Sunday 10th October 1999

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    1. Thank you – that’s very kind 🙂 I wasn’t so sure on this. It’s really hard to read stuff you wrote so long ago and when you were so much younger. You were learning life, let alone learning your writing craft 🙂 So I appreciate that and glad you enjoyed it – hope you’re keeping safe and well

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