Age Plays a Part – Written Wednesday 18th February 2004 (aged 28)

Age Plays a Part

age plays a part
in the contents of my heart
i do remember the bridge –
right across youthful water
it was hope at first sight
and yet, i never caught her

i remember the friends
who picked me up –
when i was so obviously very down
and it is the same friends –
who are now no longer around

age plays a part
in this ongoing play
it is a director –
of all my nights and of my days
it is open to interpretation
and it has always been that way

who have i been
it is much more than guess work
it’s a combination of different adventures
so exciting yet so absurd
because a to b has never really happened to me
then, that is not how you learn
age plays a part
in every street and every turn

James Garratt – Wednesday 18th February 2004

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