Lived Experience – Written Wednesday 29th December 2021 (Aged 46)

Lived Experience

my lived experience –
added grazes to my knees
and it left me –
with no expertise
it broke my life jacket
it left me out to sea
that is lived experience
and that’s what it’s done to me
it was always the guard –
that forged the lock and made the key
lived experience –
is all rosy cheeked
and full of life
scampering around in my cutlery drawer
attracted to the knives
it’s a cat of many tricks
and more than nine lives
my lived experience
is tattooed on the base of my eyes
it likes a tall tale
and reclines in lies
it pushes forward
and will always give it a try
my lived experience –
is cotton wool –
soaked in alcohol, abuse and trauma
families left by the roadside
buried deep in poisonous fauna
the sum of their parts never makes sense
this is it, this is my lived experience

James Garratt – Wednesday 29th December 2021

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