The Latest Boots- Written Tuesday 11th October 2005 (Aged 30)

The Latest Boots

you said that i was not cool
that you did not like the way i dress
lose a little weight
you are looking a mess
how do you think that feels?
next time,
you want to undertake
a character assassination
just let me know the time
so can am the crosshair
and i can stand in line
when you get older,
you will realise that acceptance you seek
does not really matter
you can do as your told
but happiness is not served up on a plate
cool is not in the way you dress
it is not in the image you portray
it is how you think,
what you do and what you say
you won’t beat it all,
by wearing a versace suit,
you will not feed the hungry
just by wearing the latest boots

James Garratt – Thursday 11th October 2005

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