A Terrible War – Written Sunday 18th November 2015 (Aged 40)

A Terrible War

this is not a war on terror
just a terrible war
and to be honest,
it is not even a war
and i just do not know any more
i know the world has changed –
so much since i was twenty six
close the borders,
stem the rush
our values remain strong
but please give us other shades
and we cannot seem to get along
if western values are a maze
then no matter how hard we try
it seem we remain stuck inside
this is not a war to protect us
and despite all the broken trust
we continue to go back for more
we are sent into every realm of poverty
every aspect of ignorance
and still we do not notice
none of this has made a positive difference
people dying on trains, on streets
this has all gone wrong for us
but politically, gone so right
who exercises this military might
there is no end to these terrible days
now we just embrace this long long night

James Garratt – Sunday 18th November 2015

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