I Think Too Much – Written Tuesday 26th July 2022 (Aged 47)

I Think Too Much

I think too much
and, as such,
i am overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas
and i stand,
in a constant deluge of unanswered questions
i am caught,
in relentless tsunamis of possibilities
compounded by,
staring down an infinite well of, ‘what ifs’
with the well constantly encouraging me to look in
and that act in itself,
is because i think too much
i have tumbling words from a loose-fitting brain
that drag me here there and everywhere
and then, back down memory lane
i think too much
and the thoughts that race through my head
they are exhausting
because they force you to pedal much faster uphill
but you pedal in the wrong gear
and all the thoughts grow fat –
on your unsubstantiated fears
they descend upon your already busy windscreen
and for sure, nothing is truly clear
i think too much

James Garrat – Tuesday 26th July 2022

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