Lost in My Head – Written Thursday 29th December 2022 (Aged 47)

Lost In My Head

i am a bit lost in my head
i have built ladders
to reach the skyscraper
marooned on my bed
i have done the bows and knots
on words they said
and inside,
i am still looking under the bed
for the felon,
who left my fragility and instability
happily wed

i am a bit lost in my head
my rose bushes
have flowered but bled
the collective narratives
have all been said
and many horseman,
have cover covered my landscape
in a thunder of stolen heaven
and still,
i do not know what to do
i am unscrewed,
emotional and easily moved
and these are times when i wish i knew

James Garratt – Thursday 29th December 2022

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