Fearful – Written January 2014 (Aged 38)


people live in far and ignorance,
and in turn,
they blame others
often it is groups and peoples
race and ethnicity
are the favourites
to them people look different
so that must mean something,
some people seem to crouch in their fear
as if it is a way of life
an ignorant leer,
they yearn for a past –
that not only kept them warm
but it was a past that could deliver
to them the modern world is alien
and full of aliens
it makes them shiver
everyone has a right to be fearful
and to be afraid
but this culture of blaming others
and this lack of self responsibility
and those without an ounce of warmth
who contribute so little to this society
yet expect society to provide them with a living
they criticise those around them,
who happen to come from different countries
they read things they do not understand
and conclude people expect, ‘freebies’
your lily white skin,
does not come with entitlement
and it does not make you better than others

James Garratt – January 2014

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