This Is Censorship – Written May 2010 (Aged 35)

This Is Censorship

this is censorship
and for an art form,
grounded in expression
that makes me laugh
although the laugh,
is particularly hollow
just as the sea of acceptance
is very shallow
i cannot say what i truly feel
and what i truly think
this is all grounded
in an immense amount of rules
dressed up,
as decency to one another
but in reality it is just control
with people put in a place
so i am afraid,
the written word,
will come without truth
it will have a furrowed brow
and it will search for a roof
a shelter to hide in
we will have to find another way
in what we are writing
a different way,
to say exactly what we are feeling

James Garratt – Written May 2010

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