I Am the Reaction (Originally Untitled) – Written Sunday 14th December 2008 (Aged 33)

I Am the Reaction

the standards we set for ourselves
we seem reluctant to give to others
love and feelings just a commodity 
setting up shop on your own
leaves you a social oddity
but who gave us this so called norm?
who said that we had to be
that we need to be paired
i am not sure what is right
what does not and what does fit
i am not the product of my childhood
I am the reaction to it
and now here I stand
On this battlefield and I am entrenched
I gave you all my love
and those tears left us drenched
was it now enough?
for someone to rip themselves to shreds?
and as we possess each other
and strap our libido’s to a bed
we do nothing but destroy the covers
so I stand here with limited weapons
and I decry these double standards
i scream from a dark deep pit
i am not the product of this corruption
i am the reaction to it

James Garratt – Sunday 14th December 2008

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