I Was Born in 1975

I Was Born in 1975

i was born in 1975
to a world
of flares
where house prices were affordable
and sexism was not not so scared

i was born
to a world hungover
from the previous decade
where casual racism
was the countries brutalist facade

i grew up in the 1980’s
where aspiration
was the deodorant
to cover inequalities perspiration
when you were hungry for success
I start to form my ideas
in a decade of materialism
strange, how underlying this
was a fracture of pessimism

the 1990’s were an explosion
were not a thing stayed the same
i was bright and beautiful
but crippled by the nature of my brain
my life seriously unkempt
told so often i was clever
but not clever enough to know what it meant

the noughties were ones to forget
we both left
one towards the ex, one via a lift
all those dreams
suddenly just became mist

James Garratt – January 2018


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