Online Dating – Written Friday 6th November 2009 (Aged 34)

Online Dating

these people look at your photo
and decide
if you are a possible ‘life partner’
do they ever wonder
why they cannot find someone
all my most amazing love affairs 
have happened with no mechanics
and that has been the magic
just swept off my feet
real life emotions
not from my computer seat
judged on my picture alone
seems deeply tragic
falling in love is beautiful
and yes, I am romantic
but flipping through pictures
like the mugged
flip through mugshots of suspects
just trying to recognise a face
it seems unnatural 
and just completely out of place
so I have tried it but I think I will pass
so very few
actually replied and asked
none of them were ‘thrill seeking’
honest, open and willing to take a chance
none of them seemed open minded
in life, you have to take the dance

James Garratt – Friday 6th November 2009

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