Do You Know Your Left and Right?

Do You Know Your Left and Right

we veer between left and right
but no one theory fits all
the conservatives
want to conserve
the socialists and the left
want to change
so why does conservatism reign?
is it because people do not like change?
do people believe
that things should stay the same
is it because
conservatism only has to please the self
it is not so concerned,
with everybody else
is the collective left
trying to please everybody
and often, as a result,
pleases nobody
is its, 'greater good' mantra
its wider aims
always destined to fail
or only make such slow gains
is it that people are selfish
or lack a willingness to acknowledge others
and their pain
somewhere and somehow in someway
we have to fight for a system
much fair than this

James Garratt - Saturday 8th June 2019

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