Let Me Break Your Heart

Let Me Break Your Heart

let me break your heart
and tell you,
i do not want a second brexit referendum
how would that work?
one million questions on the economy
it simply could not happen
the subject of, remain or leave
is simple too complex for a referendum
no matter how vehemently you believe
why should any politician,
commit to something that is unworkable
and something,
that they do not believe in,
just for the sake of populism
why not commit to a deal,
something that somehow works
I believe they call it a compromise
in truth, with brexit, none of us truly understood
what we were voting for
more, a case of what felt better
or the least worse option
i think that is what ultimately tears people apart
a second referendum will not fix things,
i am sorry if that breaks your heart

Saturday 8th June 2019

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