Individual Revolution – Tuesday 7th April 1998

Individual Revolution

it is an individual threatening
because it is always individuals
that threaten the most
if the face does not fit
then you cannot get too close
because it is an individual revolution
because individuals threaten
and they threaten the most
no weapons in their hands
no political agenda tucked beneath their arms
no passage way to a promised land
yet with nothing, individuals seem to do the most harm
simply because no one understands
just exactly who they are
where they end or even where they begin
a collection of individuals
is really quite something
yet the seem to do nothing
other than upset the pattern created
by people who are too scared to move
they live in familiar surroundings
but seems so scared in case they become lost
it is always an individual uprising
because individuals threaten the most
which rally seems hardly surprising

James Garratt – Tuesday 7th April 1998

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