Senseless – Monday 23rd March 1998


trying to make sense
trying not give out blame
but when I mention your name
everyone sees me wince
and though the words they can see the pain
I took the risk
I played the game
you came, then you went
even now, I look back
and try to make sense of it all
it is so very frustrating
because I can see loneliness in you
and I know it is in me
I understand a little of why you do what you do
although that is no excuse really
I took the risk you have to take
it is the only way you will ever know
I must have seemed mad
trying to make that huge jump
that was always the age gap
when I talk about it
I am as much talking about myself
I am trying to make sense of it all
talking out loud, through the hurt
no regrets though
just trying to make sense of it all
that is all I can do

James Garratt – Monday 23rd March 1998


    1. Thank you – this was written 21 years ago so itโ€™s a stretch for me to remember who it was about but it did come back to me lol. Thank you for the comments they are always appreciated. Janes.


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