Loneliness Needs a Friend – Thursday 1st August 2019

Loneliness Needs a Friend

loneliness needs a friend
a person
to sand down sharp edges
and pave
as yet, un-travelled roads
loneliness needs a helping hand
places to go
places which act like home
because loneliness
can feel so alone
loneliness needs socialisation
not to be left amongst scattered furniture
fending off rampart isolation
loneliness needs understanding
and our consideration
loneliness is vacant,
with capacity to embrace us all
it moves amongst us
and clings to our bones
loneliness is the pretence
that we are not alone
it is the defence
that forces us not to roam
it bangs drums,
it makes itself appealing
tarted up to the nines
attacking your ability to fend
too easy to find
loneliness needs a friend

James Garratt – Thursday 1st August 2019

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

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