Take a Bow – Monday 5th August 2019

Take a Bow

it has been a long and varied life
that, on occasion
has avoided fancy dress
it is a life
that has not always lived up to its billing
it has been an emotional life
of funfair bumper cars
and ever changing light
i look back now
perched upon my middle age
looking carefully
at the landscape of what has passed
birds fly high
as experience is cast
it has been a long life
which was shoved to the back of the grid
populated by hitchhikers
thumbing a lift
it has seen me pushed and pulled
in the realms,
of being constantly called
i take deep breaths
and i dare to exhale
we all need to recline as we get older
and then, perhaps, take a bow

James Garratt – Monday 5th August 2019

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