Regrets – Sunday 27th October 1996


you would never believe me if i told you
you know how it is…
i have got what you need
why don’t you believe?
people can sit in judgement
you are all they are not
you are wonderfully different
you never pretend to be anything else
and we are all working hard
to be ourselves
this is such precious time
one day you have just begun
you can be full of life
and the next day you can be gone
and everyone sheds tears
but life still goes on…
and suddenly people face empty years
let’s take what we have
and live it now
any one of us could be gone tomorrow
and that seems relevant somehow
so if we are going to show sorrow
let it never be,
for never giving things a chance
suddenly, now, there is urgency
some people are impossible to forget
i do not want to carry on
and live with regret

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James Garratt – Sunday 27th October 1996

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

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