See All This – Sunday 27th October 1996

See All This

see the cityscape
our dreamscape stretching
out to the horizon
summarising about revolutions
and the human state
see the things we see
stretching beyond the imagination
contamination of the air
the waters dark and stark
and no one is going to share
things in windows staring
i will be daring and fully honest
i can see the human state
fertility in fertile minds
it is a lot of give and a lot of take
see the wisdom beginning
somewhere in the distance
i thought we were living,
just lacking sense
sex and illicit thoughts
caught naughty in starched minds
respectable but thinking
of a human state
that goes deeper than a real lake
see all this and more
doing the chores and something else
who needs our time?
give them help and we will be fine

There are many more poems at

James Garratt – Sunday 27th October 1996

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