Endless Questions – Written Monday 24th February 1997

Endless Questions

get it right, not wrong
get it good and get along
get us a bit of luck
nothing less, nothing more
is this a false floor
that we are all falling endlessly through
if i am not me –
who are you?
if none of us are free from destiny –
what can we do?
if we are all chained
does that mean we sit and do nothing
get it right, it has got to mean something
sometimes i am in disguise
but if you see something
it is just myself reflected in my eyes
my smile is a look if knowing
knowing that it has got to be right
always flowing,
thoughts that become words
endless questions come easy
the little habits that die hard
where does it all come from?
where does it all start?

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James Garratt = Monday 24th February 1997

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

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