U.F.O Dreams – Written Thursday 26th October 1995 (Aged 20)

U.F.O Dreams 

up in the sky
together, we all seem to fly
i have got to get home
there is something up there
of which i do not know
the lives we have are full of U.F.O's
we are all crossing dimensions
we are all in animated suspension
i saw you in a dream
you were there on the other side
i have got a feeling i know what that means
i watched a man bawl about his life
he was already drowning
under the foot of his wife
i could not see a human being
when i left here to go out
i want to be clever like you
i want to learn what it is all about
pull this shaky thing through
up there, in the sky, they are flying now
down here the populous turns to the stars
it is time for another U.F.O
and we all board the ship
do not worry, we all go, we do you know

More poems at

James Garratt - Thursday 26th October 1995

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