Childhood Trauma – Written Tuesday 29th October 2019 (Aged 44)

Childhood Trauma

people tell me
is confident and strong
all I see is a host of problems
that most likely happened when they were young
dare not speak
so confidence
can not be allowed to spring a leak
means driven dangerously down one way streets
extreme confidence
is the curtain pulled across
no doubt hiding
some unimaginable trauma and loss
if they are the boss
why are they so cross?
i do not assume strength
in so called strong personalities
i think over confidence
is a personal mourner for many life fatalities
people seem to promote
those extremes
and other traumatised beings
when i am told
that it is personality or leadership
or just being strong
i never not notice the social awkwardness
or the painful personal strains of trying to be someone

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James Garratt – Tuesday 29th October 2019

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

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