Wonderment for a Lighted Show – Written November 1995 (aged 20)

Wonderment for a Lighted Show

people all look and stare
everybody trying to get somewhere
sill features and nasty creatures
just getting in my hair
i want so much a little bit of everything
let this be some kind of wonderful dream
people always running around
losing your girlfriend who is really special
don’t that really get you down
cautious nature and a tentative touch
slow this down, it is all too much
wonderment for a lighted show
it is getting late, i have got to go
scruffy boots and obvious roots
looking towards the future
looking for the sprouting of shoots
give me a break
please do not be late
short dresses and and flowing hair
some sort of respect
we will be there
it is time now to go
time to see you
wonderment for a light show

More wonderment and poetry at

James Garratt – November 1995

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