Relentless (Originally Untitled) – Written July 2006 (Aged 31)


i read more today –
no much had changed
still the, ‘same old stuff’
the deprivation of affection
when did it become not enough?

in what you write –
there is a cry for help
and desires,
to be somebody else
not so much s.o.s
as thinking about yourself

i read more today
but i saw through the portrayed image
and all the hurt
it is obvious that your emotions
have been through, ‘the wars’
and as the shellfire continues
you just wait for the thaw

s.o.s sent for help
but rather than a desire
to deal with yourself
you write, ‘dreary spite’
that shows you lack touch
i wonder if s.o.s –
means, ‘same old stuff’

More poems and writing at

James Garratt – July 2006

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