Let’s Go There – Written Thursday 2nd January 2020 (Aged 44)

Let’s Go There

take you there
the last place –
you would ever –
expect to find paradise
a jewel in the crown
a feeling –
that does not let you down
something better
than those words found –
in an envelope of letters
take me there –
that smooth finish perfected
that for years –
has seen my own plastering
go awry
that place where –
i look them in the eye
not this bent squint
and this lazy goodbye
not this endless runway
lit by my lazy eye
let’s go there
this level headed place
where the sun trickles gently
into the lines of your face
the place, where my beach days
are well read
and all this mystic baggage
suddenly becomes dead
let’s go there

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James Garratt – Thursday 2nd January 2020

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