I Am in Bloom – Written Monday 14th December 2008 (Aged 33)

I Am in Bloom

when I was a teenager
the future seemed so far away
no sense of time or danger
always plenty to say
when I was in my twenties
i faced darker days
as time stole a march
and demons refused to go away
suddenly life came crashing down
and i realised my mortality
in my thirties, single and out there
some say this is where I bloom
i would have to agree
this is not the last chance saloon
i am not rushing forward
with partners that need to be parried
and I am not terminally bored
so I will pass on another marriage
others may be digging their graves
rushing headlong to embrace decline
it’s true I do not feel that brave
but all this is really quite fine
i am in bloom,
i leave the war paint to others
this is not the last chance saloon

James Garratt – Monday 14th December 2008

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