Didn’t You Used to Be a Friend? – Written Friday 30th July 1999 (Aged 24)

Didn’t You Used to Be a Friend

you have your success
you have your fashionable job
and everything is so rosy
it is all go at night in soho
yes, you have landed on your feet
with the new house and all
but you have become distant
the friends who once respected you
have left on an early train
and on those wild late nights out
of cheap clubs and expensive cocaine
wishes disappear with ease
is this hiding some kind of pain
and those brains you have
weill only seep out through your nose
that is the displeasure of cocaine
you have the success,
but you are not a likeable persona anymore
that feels like a tough price to pay
you bite the hand that feeds you
i hope for your sake,
it does not become the hand that beats you

James Garratt – Friday 30th July 1999

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