They Weaponise Our Language – Written Tuesday 3rd March 2020 (Aged 45)

They Weaponise Our Language

too careless to care
they have weaponised words to use
they fired off those phrases
and in the crossfire people are caught
too silly to realise
that those who oppose freedoms
are weaponising our language
so they recline back
and start on the attack
blind soldiers for a darker force
they say weaponised words
and in the crossfire we are caught
the words play to our prejudices
that they cling to or hold
the past can appear fertile
as you grow old
and it seems, younger folk must be to blame
so the weaponised phrases
try to induce something lost or shame
we contribute to narratives
that oppress and discriminate
before we have wiped the salt from our eyes
we feed into false truths
because prejudices have a hunger
that cannot be easily satisfied
so they hurl around words and phrases
and language is quickly weaponised
when you live in regret and fear
you can believe in these comfort laden lies
but remember, they are using language
and it is weaponised

James Garratt – Tuesday 3rd March 2020

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