This is An Economic Disease – Written Wednesday 8th April 2020 (Aged 45)

This is An Economic Disease

this is an economic disease
that strikes down the poorest
and those most at risk,
whilst the high earners,
and us middle class work from home
with just a couple of clicks
this diseases exposes capitalism
and reveals all its inherent flaws
suddenly it is a abusive relationship
and there is no get out clause
there is no, ‘back up plan’,
no realisence,
no compassionate state
our public sector was sold off
and now the private sector holds our fate
small state now just looks small
the ideology,
of the cruelest fool
it has forced us into lockdown
and made us make the most vulnerable crawl
this is an economic problem,
not ‘immigration’,
not any number of discriminated groups
the problem now has been laid bare
lockdown gives us perspective
but capitalism has fleeced us
and this disease is wholly destructive

James Garratt – Wednesday 8th April 2020

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