Wait Till You Get Older – Written June 2006 (Aged 31)

Wait Till You Get Older

troubled teen?
wait till you get to our age
troubles like you have never seen

troubled teen?
if only – i would like to go back
okay – so you cannot always save the unsaved
and who would want the hair and the clothes
and then, learning to shave

oh, but the opportunities
the freedom and the expression
true, youth is wasted on the young
lost in that sea of forgettable depression

troubled teen?
troubled by what
the education, the learning
the board that parents quitely forgot

wait till you get older
suddenly the teenage years seem distant
perhaps even fun
wait till responsibility has you hostage
then you know your troubles have begun
five, ten, fifteen years quickly pass
and suddenly you yearn to be young
the problem is you were wrapped in yourself
and in truth, nothing got done
troubled teen?
the trouble is, it does not last too long

James Garratt – June 2006

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