Give Me a Return – Written Sunday 16th April 2000 (Aged 25)

Give Me a Return

give me a return
so i could return one day
but this journey
is only ever one way
a million paths
a million situations
but they all lead to one destination
no return ticket
no need to look at the station clock
it will all end in fire
or in a wooden box
give me a return
so that i can change mistakes
on this journey i make
but i know things cannot be changed
i would return one day
but to live this life again
well i would feel afraid
but to meet some people again
would be so good
but i know there is no return
so on i go, to the underground
onto somewhere where i will learn
give me a return
because i might just return one day
but not as i am now
with a new life and a new face
and it will all be different, somehow

James Garratt – Sunday 16th April 2000

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