Adulting – Written Monday 1st June 2020 (Aged 45)


they talk about, ‘adulting’
in such a whimsical way
they joke,
as if reading from a satirical page
oh, i do understand the term
and the idea that generations before have not just –
pulled up the ladder
they have lit the matches and watched it burn
but it is a privilege
to be able to joke about such things
a jolly wheeze as others freeze
and mental health can hardly breathe
infantilising themselves,
as a twenty something
or a thirty something child
some people, well it is not quite the joke
not quite the luxury chocolate
not quite the full ticket or the full fat hope
all these terms set sail and then sail into view
they start off with good grounding
then they become confused
and we are all floundering
i am tired of hearing, i am trying, ‘adulting’
really, if i am honest,
i could much less of that type of voice
there is a world of stolen traumatised children
for them, ‘adulting’ has never been a choice

James Garratt – Monday 1st june 2020

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