It Is Not Enough – Written Friday 12th June 2020 (Aged 45)

It Is Not Enough

it is not enough –
to be, ‘non racist’
these structures and systems of racism
you need to shake, not fake it –
and finally you need to smash and break it
i see it,
those white tinged lives
of careful pictures –
gin palaces at the bottom of garden
we can pretend that constructions –
are key to our own world
meaning we can close the door on other worlds
that bubble will stay afloat
and a, ‘live, love, laugh’ sign
could never rock a chosen boat
it is not enough to be, ‘non racist’
to let those words
slip and slide off the tongue
you have to be anti racist
and acknowledge those bottom rungs
see these lives,
cleaned in niceness
and offered up the world as a purity
a simplicity, a young love reality
but their inaction
is nothing but a stormy calamity

James Garratt – Friday 12th June 2020

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