Political Waves – Written Monday 1st June 2020 (Aged 45)

Political Waves

politics and politicians
as well as political issues
are like waves,
small waves that lap against the shore
they are small waves
that people can jump or avoid
but eventually,
the waves get bigger
and they are harder to jump
to ignore or to avoid
eventually those waves,
stop just lapping at your feet
and they begin to swell,
becoming larger and larger
and then, they start to consume
when the waves become like this
all you can do is act
there is no political canute
to turn this tide back
it is easy to ignore the small waves
you can giggle and calmly jump above them
but now, in this moment,
we can no longer blindly splash upon the shore
the waves are increasing and for some consuming
we can no longer do nothing, you can no longer ignore

james Garratt – Monday 1st June 2020

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