The Government Does Not Care – Written Monday 1st June 2020 (Aged 45)

The Government Does Not Care

people want government to care for them
but it is not really their role to care
should they be responsible for us?
yes, i would expect the state to be there
the lack of compassion,
humanity and intelligence
leaves me wondering
why any of us cling to a fence –
if it is not care i expect, then what is it?
i would expect commitment to ideologies
ones that do not ruin us
under the weight of an economic inequality
that so easily and quickly begins to crush
our government is welded to to class
and tightly bolted to a sense of entitlement
then they riveted solidly to their own ego
so how can they ever care for us?
but equally they cannot be responsible for us
their communication is just, ‘et al’
and does not build any trust
this government will give you nothing
neither shire bred conservatism
or the eager youth drench socialism
this government exists just to consolidate
and if you are expecting much more
then i suspect you are in for a long wait

james Garratt – Monday 1st June 2020

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