The Children of Nature (Resurrection Second Version) – Written January 1993 (Aged 17)

The Children of Nature

how do you feel at night
do the mundane matter of life
make you unwell?
hold hands with the future
the believers of nature and the golden time
together we will banish their fate –
to a musty hell
but please, when you see the soul destroyers,
do not tell
ships of the spirit lines,
cross paths at different aspects of time
they whisper of the resurrection,
the resurrection of the sixth sense
which was killed by the laws –
of time, space and the mind
but found once again,
by the children of nature to use in the golden time
when the grown ups will be merry,
and no longer fight for a false calm
the beautiful land beyond the realm of life
it exists in a special time
to those who believe and lack a narrow mind
the world spins uneasy, as it is, filled problems

James Garratt – January 1993

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