Mum is With Me (Originally Untitled) – Written Friday 8th March 2013 (Aged 38)

Mum is With Me

mum is with me –
on the journey to work
she never saw the camper van
but that is where i distill the hurt
we chat,
as if she is there
still here, still present
still on the rides at the local fayre
i tell her,
about the days since –
and the days to be
i tell her all about us –
about our dreams
our hopes,
the time before,
when cancer found her and they both eloped
sometimes it is tears
often it is smiles and jokes
she, such a complicated human being
she, who made me into wonderful spirals and shapes
some of which had never been seen
and some of which were complex fate
she is with me
the radio is turned on
we talk and chat
and though it appears she is gone
for a moment, memories can take me back

James Garratt – Friday 8th March 2013

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