Cage of Damage (Originally Untitled) – Written Wednesday 14th December 2016 (Aged 41)

Cage of Damage

i predicted her life
there she is,
scraping a living in a dead end job
that body…
is all she has got
she is nobody
but she wants to be somebody
and if her parents had done better
undoubtedly she would
she pouts and thrusts her chest
a lifetime of being abused and used
will be deadly deadlines sadly met
she will not be a positive influence
but then, she is just a child
and a product of bankrupt families
for whom values are spoken about
but never really exist
their eyebrows, thickly drawn on
the clothes, really to small
it is a cage of damage
one with endless walls
a place of insecurity and anxiety
where no one has a bball
she lacks self esteem
and the make up,
cannot really make up for any of this
and i did, i predicted her life
and i take no joy or comfort in that

James Garratt – Wednesday 14th December 2016

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