Easier Not to Think – Written December 2016 (Aged 41)

Easier Not to Think

con men selling life insurance
knocking on doors
world war two spivs
use bleach to clean the floor
there they are,
with policies in their grubby little hands
a nod, a wink,
it is not about, ‘immigration’, you understand
the smile is fake
the politics lacking flour
feeling half baked
but this life insurance becomes life assurance
a sense that you are not to blame
when you are english,
you want all the sun and none of the rain
you do not want, ‘immigration’
you do not want to take the blame
but there they are, everything on tick,
these con men and women
these people trading on their far right politics
populist views,
whilst wearing well worn second hand shoes
a nudge, a wink,
blame everybody else,
after all, it is easier not having to actually think

James Garratt – December 2016

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