Hate Begins to Swell (Originally untitled) -Written December 2016 (Aged 41)

Hate Begins to Swell

why should opportunity and equality
be the first casualties
of failed economics
when the cost of living
marry such aspirations
so that compassion stopped giving
when did lamp light,
flicker and become candle light
it feels like a goodnight and fond farewell
and if we become lucky,
then hope may tell
right now, here, now, in this moment
hate has begun to swell
those who can be vile,
are over excited
they feel on top of the pile
and can hardly contain their excitement
the media,
continue the affair
by inventing a warring class
i thought that this may just be a fad
but the attraction looks unlikely to pass
the landscapes are being torn up
the land re-ploughed and built upon
hoping for something before it is all gone
give us, just a change for joy,
this hate will swell and steal the breath from our lungs

James Garratt – December 2016

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