Unpleasant Voices Need to be Heard (Originally Untitled) – Written December 2016 (Aged 41)

Unpleasant Voices Need to be Heard

unpleasant voices need to be heard
there is no right answer
that skips over the nastiness
and renders it oblique
there is no subject,
that makes targeting others, ‘okay’
no human is, by association, ‘guilty’
you do not deserve it,
just because others feel you do
we may not want structured debate
but in confusion between equality and power
we end up with an answer that equals hate
all views,
no matter how vile, awful, or terrible,
do at least, have personal validity
we may not like their ugly reality
but to ignore them,
is to induce a kind of perplexed insanity
which is, i am right and you are wrong
does not ever find a balance
and they will not get along
you have to think,
intolerance is to ensure it is always pushed out
you do not win a tricky debate
with the morality of your shout

James Garratt – December 2016

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