Poppyism (Originally Untitled) – Written December 2016 (Aged 41)


not too concerned about the poppy
and how it has been hijacked
to represent the politics of war
and remembrance
it leaves me cold,
war, it is a mass loss of life
and stories never told
i do not need to be terrorised
or bullied
into marching with pride
i wonder how the politicians
can step up and lay day wreaths
i wonder how our royal family
can step up and lay down wreaths
when they dragged us into world wars
clearly no guilt inside,
a peaceful, kinder world
we have never actually fought for
just the trappings of madness and greed
i think we need to educate
and we need to teach
institutions have lied
and hijacked every single wreath

James Garratt – December 2016

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